Southgate Veterans Memorial Library Policies

Policies during Covid-19

During this ongoing crisis, our policies are vastly different than usual. The policies listed on this page reflect those in place during normal operations, many of which are not in effect, or will be drastically impacted by temporary policies put in place to help stem the spread of the virus.

Please refer to the home page of our website for all policies in effect at this time, and know that those take precedence and supercede anything listed here. Thank you.

Library Cards

A long row of books with the circulation desk in the background

Residents of Southgate may sign up for a library card, which entitles them to borrow materials from not only this library, but also all other members of The Library Network. Similarly, holders of a card from any other TLN library may check items out from Southgate.

Card holders are also able to check out materials such as eBooks and audiobooksvia Overdrive, RBDigital, and Hoopla; access a number of databases; and use our public computers using their library cards.

Applying for a new card

  1. Residents
    1. Residents may register at the Library during regular hours
      1. Proof of residency must be shown at the time of registration.
      2. Registration must be made in person.
    2. The following are considered proof of residency:
      1. Driver’s license or Michigan ID
      2. Tax receipt
      3. Voter registration
      4. Current utility bill with name and address
    3. Minors must have a parent, guardian, or other responsible adult authorize registration, sign the registration application, and show proof of residency.
      1. Registration must be made in person.
      2. Adult authorizing registration assumes responsibility for choice of material.
      3. Adult authorizing registration assumes responsibility for return of materials borrowed by minors.
  2. Non-residents
    1. Southgate Veterans Memorial Library honors library cards issued by TLN member libraries.
    2. Southgate Veterans Memorial Library will issue temporary library cards to residents of communities that are members of The Library Network.
    3. Citizens of any community outside the TLN membership may be issued a card only if they attend a school or work in the city of Southgate. In these cases, the card is good only at the Southgate Library and does not include interlibrary loan privileges.
      1. School
        1. Proof of current enrollment must be shown to register for a card. Proof includes: tuition receipt or other document provided by the school.
        2. Cards issued to non-resident school attendees expire on June 15.
      2. Work
        1. Proof of employment must be shown at the time of registration such as a business card or pay stub.
        2. Card must be renewed annually.
        3. The Southgate Veterans Memorial Library does not sell library cards to non-residents.
  3. Public school attendees
    1. Students who attend the Southgate Public Schools may register for a library card in their school library, following the procedures as established by the school librarian.
    2. Teachers at the school may register for library cards according to resident/non-resident requirements.

Card policies

Cardholders are responsible for the items checked out on their cards, even if the card has been loaned to someone else. If your card is lost or stolen, report it immediately so that we may prevent unauthorized use. Initial cards are free, but replacement cards cost $2.00.

Books, audiobooks, and nonfiction DVDs are checked out for a 3 week period. They can be renewed twice, though new copies may only be renewed once. Movies (Blu-Ray & DVD), music CDs, and magazines are checked out for a 1 week period, and may be renewed once; new copies of movies and music CDs cannot be renewed. If an item is on hold (meaning someone has requested it), it cannot be renewed, regardless of these renewal limits. There is no limit on how many items may be checked out, except for video games, which are restricted to 2 checkouts at once. We do not charge a fee for borrowing any materials.

Materials being returned can be brought to the circulation desk. They may also be returned to the drop box, a metal hatch in the wall to the left of the library entrance. Items returned to the drop box when we are closed are backdated, and treated as if they were returned the last day we were open.

The Southgate Veterans Memorial has removed overdue item fines! After much consideration and debate, it was agreed that charging fines for overdue items works against our goal of providing access to information to everyone. This change is being undertaken on a trial basis, while we gather information, to ensure that removing fines helps us reach more people, does not disrupt library operations, or impede the sharing of resources. We are confident that this change will make the library a more pleasant and inviting place for all. Please click HERE for more information.

As noted on the page detailing our ending of late fees, items loaned from other TLN libraries which DO assess late fees will still incur those fees. We must respect those other libraries' policies just as they do ours.

Patrons who lose materials or damage materials beyond usability will still be responsible for paying the replacement cost of the materials lost or damaged. This is based on our cost to replace the item and cannot be negotiated. If a lost item is found and returned, the replacement fee will be removed. We also accept replacement copies of our lost or damaged materials, in good condition, in lieu of paying the replacement cost.

Library cards are not transferable. Sharing of library cards will be grounds for revocation of Internet access privileges and may result in loss of other library privileges.

Public Computers

The adult computer lab

General computer use information

Everyone may use our public computers. Card holders may sign up at an available computer by entering their card number and PIN. PINs can be changed online, or by request. If you do not know yours, library staff can help you find out what it is, or give you a new one.

People without library cards may use the computers by first requesting a guest pass from the service desk. These passes only work for two login attempts, and only work on the day that they are issued.

Adults may make use of any public computer, though they are expected to use those in the adult computer lab when possible. The exception to this is if they are accompanied by a child, in which case they are welcome to use the children’s computers, regardless of adult computer availability. Children must use the children's computers. Children can only use the computers if they A) have a library card AND a signed computer contract, or B) a responsible adult, such as a parent, grandparent, or sibling, is present and gives permission.


To print, library cards or guest passes must first be charged with print funds; this is done at the circulation desk. It costs $0.10/ page to print in black and white, $0.25/page for printing in color. Patrons are responsible for all the prints they authorize, even if they are not satisfied with the result. Print jobs in the adult computer lab must be released from the print station in the back of the computer lab, which has instructions posted on it. When printing from a children’s computer, black and white copies will print in the staff workroom; inform the circulation desk that you have printed, and they will get the copies for you. Color prints go to the copy machine. For help with printing, please see a staff member.

Official Internet Use Policy

A globe surrounded by circular lines, symbolizing the internet

The Internet and its available resources contain a wide variety of materials and opinions from varied points of view. Provision of access does not mean or imply endorsement or sanction by the Library of any of the information, images, or commentary found on the Internet.

It is not possible to use the same selection criteria on internet sources as that used for other materials. In offering the internet connection, library staff cannot control access points, which often change rapidly and unpredictably.

Users are responsible for the access points they reach. The Internet is a global entity with a highly diverse user population and library patrons use it at their own risk.

The Southgate Veterans Memorial Library assumes no responsibility for any damage, direct or indirect, loss of data, or loss of privacy arising from use of its World Wide Web server or from its connection to other internet services.

Use by Minors/Filtering

In accordance with Federal and State law (the Children's Internet Protection Act, 47 US C §254 and 20 USC §101 , and Section 6 of the Michigan Library Privacy Act, 1982 PA 455, MCL 397.606) anyone who cannot prove with written documentation that s/he is 18 or older must use a filtered internet workstation unless s/he is accompanied at the computer by his/her parent or guardian who is older than 18. Note, however, that no filter is 100% effective.

Parents or legal guardians are responsible for their minor child's reading, listening, and viewing of Library material, including the Internet. A minor shall not use an adult's library card for access to the Internet unless the minor is physically accompanied by a parent or guardian at the computer terminal at all times. This policy prohibits the display of inappropriate material. The Library holds the parents or legal guardians responsible for their minor children's use of the Internet in light of the fallibilities of filters and other demands on Library staff time. To address the issue of the safety and security of minors when using electronic mail, chat rooms, and other forms of direct electronic communications, as well as unauthorized disclosure of, use, and dissemination of personal identification regarding minors, the Library urges minors to follow the safety guidelines below:

To address the issue of unauthorized access, including so-called "hacking" and other unlawful activities by minors, or others, online:

"Library computers are not to be used for any illegal activity".

Unacceptable Use

Failure to observe and comply with these rules may result in loss of Internet use privileges, and possibly other library privileges as well.

Meeting Rooms

Interior shot of the large study room

Public Use Of Library Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms in the Southgate Veterans Memorial Library provide an opportunity for bringing together the resources of the Library and the activities of the community for educational, cultural, civic, intellectual, and charitable purposes. The Library values the pursuit of individual and community goals by ensuring the open exchange of diverse materials and ideas. Public use of library rooms is subject to availability and compliance with the terms of this policy. When the meeting rooms are not being used by the library or library-sponsored or co-sponsored events, the space will be made available to the public on equal terms regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.

Meeting rooms are to be used for general information, educational, cultural and civic needs, including activities such as discussion groups, panels, forums, lectures, conferences, seminars, and meetings. The library meeting rooms are intended to host organized meetings and are not available for party-type functions.

Provision of library meeting rooms for public use does not constitute endorsement by Southgate Veterans Memorial Library or by its staff, of the groups or individuals using the meeting room or their beliefs. Public meetings and events held in the library are not sponsored by Southgate Veterans Memorial Library, unless agreement to such sponsorship, or cosponsorship, has been provided in writing by the Library Director or his/her designee prior to scheduling of the meeting room. Unless sponsored or co-sponsored by the library publicity for public events in library facilities must not imply sponsorship by, or affiliation with, the library and must contain the statement, This program is neither sponsored, co-sponsored nor endorsed by Southgate Veterans Memorial Library. A sample of the literature must be received prior to distribution for approval by the Library Director or his/her designee.

This policy does not apply to meetings or use of the meeting rooms by the Southgate Veterans Memorial Library or programs sponsored or co-sponsored by the library.

Meeting Room Calendar

The full schedule for events in the meeting room can be found here.

Study Rooms - Individual and Small Group Study

Southgate Veterans Memorial Library offers small rooms for quiet individual, or small group, study. First consideration will be given to tutoring sessions. When not reserved, they will be available on a first-come, first-served basis for a maximum of 4 hours of use per day. Rooms A, B, and C have a 1-4 person capacity. Room D may be used by up to 6 persons.

Rooms may be reserved for a maximum of 6 weeks, renewable at the librarian's discretion, depending upon demand.

For-profit group use of the study rooms requires a fee of $10 per 4-hour use.

Study rooms may not be used for social purposes, and users must not disrupt library patrons or violate any other library policies.

The Library reserves the right to make occasional use of the study rooms for library events.

Donation Policy

  1. We will take books (hardcover and paperback), DVDs, Blu-Ray, VHS, video games, music CDs, and audiobooks on CD as donations. Other materials may be accepted at the discretion of staff.
  2. We will accept textbooks printed within the last 5 years, but they will not be added to the collection, or placed in the book sale. If they are not desired by Better World Books (an organization the library partners with), they will be discarded.
  3. We do not accept Reader’s Digest condensed volumes, audio cassettes, vinyl records, magazines, or encyclopedias.
  4. Donations must be in good condition. Anything that is damaged, written on, musty, odorous, dirty, mildewed, or otherwise in poor condition is not accepted. Library staff will make this decision, and deny the donation of unacceptable items.
  5. Non-fiction donations should be no more than 5 years from their publication date. Fiction donations should be no more than 10 years from their publication date; an exception is made for popular titles and authors.
  6. Donations must be made inside, in person, during our hours of operation. They should not be left outside the library when it is closed, or placed in the drop box.
  7. Donations should be made in boxes or bags that can be left at the library; staff are not expected to unload donations so the donor may have the containers back.
  8. When donating more than 2 boxes or bags of items, please call ahead. If the library receives too many donations at once, we will be unable to take more until we have time to work through what we have already received.
  9. Donated items may be added to the collection, placed in the book sale, sent to Better World Books, or discarded. The final disposition of donated items is at the discretion of library staff, we make no guarantees and agree to no provisions when accepting donations.
  10. A receipt for donated items is available on request. We will record the number of hardcover, softcover, and other items. Please have an accurate count of these items ready ahead of time; staff will count small donations, but more than a single box or bag is the responsibility of the donor to tally. The library does not provide appraisal of donations, that is also up to the donor.

Contact Info - Phone: 734-258-3002 - Address: 14680 Dix-Toledo Rd. Southgate, MI 48195

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