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Teen D&D

A druid fighting a fire giant

Our Teen D&D club continues! Veterans and newcomers alike are welcome to pick up some dice and a character sheet and adventure with us! We'll be using the 5th edition rules, and have copies of rulebooks available for use in the library. Saturday, August 24th, Noon to 3PM in the back meeting room! Ages 12-18 only, space is now limited, be sure to register if you haven't already!

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Introducing Hoopla

The Hoopla logo, which is just their name

We now offer access to Hoopla, which gives you the ability to enjoy books, movies, audiobooks, comics, music, and more! Hoopla works a bit differently than our other digital offerings. Your library card gives you 3 play credits each month, which can be used to borrow any Hoopla title. The library pays only for titles that are borrowed, no upfront cost for access.

Because the library pays for each item borrowed, we ask that, if you are searching for titles that may be available through Overdrive, you check there for it first. Also, please avoid borrowing items you’re not sure you want; this will help us manage the cost of Hoopla, and prevent you from wasting one of your 3 monthly play credits.

The End of Late Fees at Southgate Library

The Southgate Veterans Memorial has removed overdue item fines! After much consideration and debate, it was agreed that charging fines for overdue items works against our goal of providing access to information to everyone. This change is being undertaken on a trial basis, while we gather information, to ensure that removing fines helps us reach more people, does not disrupt library operations, or impede the sharing of resources. We are confident that this change will make the library a more pleasant and inviting place for all. Please click HERE for more information.

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