How removing overdue fines actually works

  1. All materials belonging to the Southgate Veterans Memorial Library have been altered, so that they no longer assign overdue fines when they are returned after their due date. It doesn’t matter where you return them, who borrows them, or how late they are; no overdue fines will accrue.
  2. All existing overdue fines for materials belonging to the Southgate Veterans Memorial Library have been forgiven. If you still have such a fine on your account, please notify library staff, who will make sure it is removed.
  3. Materials belonging to other libraries will still assign overdue fines, unless, like Southgate, that library has abolished them. You may still end up owing overdue fines for items sent from other libraries to fulfill holds, for example, or for materials you borrow directly from another library you visit. All libraries have the right to set their own policies, and we respect that.
  4. Overdue items will still be marked as lost, if they are overdue for more than 21 days (3 weeks). You will be charged for the cost of lost items, just as you would be now. If the lost item is returned, you will no longer be charged for the cost of the item, and no overdue fines will be applied.
  5. If you end up with over $25 in lost item fines, your account is sent to a collection agency, which incurs a $10 processing fee; this will also still be charged to you.
  6. If items are damaged while in your care, you will still be charged the cost of the item.

Here are answers to a few common questions or concerns.

Is there still something you’d like to know about removing overdue fines, or an opinion you would like to share? Please, feel free to contact the library, and ask for the Director, Don Priest. I will be happy to talk about why we, along with several other local libraries, are making this change.

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