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Graphic Novel

Ms. Marvel - G. Willow Wilson, artist Adrian Alphona

Cover of 'Ms. Marvel. 1, No normal' by G. Willow Wilson

Kamala Khan is a typical New Jersey teen: stressed about school and family, spending her time hanging out with friends at local shops, trying to find her place in the world. On top of all that, now she has super powers to deal with! Trying to juggle the life of a superhero, a student, a dutiful daughter, and a good friend, may be more than any teen can handle...but Ms. Marvel is going to try!

Ms. Marvel is highly reminiscent of Spider-Man, a teenage superhero with a strong sense of responsibility and desire to do good. Unlike early Spider-Man, however, Kamala Khan has the help of friends, and an established super hero community to lean on. It's a new, fresh take on the life of a young hero, with modern problems and solutions (as well as, of course, a healthy dose of pummeling bad guys). Ms. Marvel is a breakout character, that has become incredibly popular in recent years. If you haven't already checked out her story, you owe it to yourself to give her a shot.

Recommended by - Don Priest, Library Director

Graphic Novel

Locke & Key - Joe Hill

Cover of 'Locke and Key: Welcome to Lovecraft' by Joe Hill

“You know, if anything ever happened to me—to us—They'd just go live in Keyhouse with Duncan. Safest place in the world for them.”

Welcome to Lovecraft.

After the murder of their father, Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode move across the country with their mother to Lovecraft, Massachusetts to live in the Locke family estate with their uncle. However, what begins as a story of a family coping with the grief of their lost patriarch soon turns into much more as young Bode begins finding keys hidden throughout the manor.
And every key has its door.

Some doors are magical and exciting, like a cupboard that can fix anything broken you put inside it or one that changes you into your spirit animal. Some doors aren’t doors at all but rather a crown that gives you control over shadows or a pair of angel wings that let you fly.

But not every door should be opened. Some doors are meant to stay locked because the things on the other side are more powerful than any of the Locke siblings are prepared to handle.

In his six-volume masterpiece, Joe Hill has proven once again that his specialization is emotionally complex and well-developed characters that will leave you breathless from cheering them on so passionately. Binge read the whole series before the Netflix adaptation comes out, you’ll want to be ahead of the game on this one. You can start with volume one Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft.

“Keys turn both ways. You can lock something away... But you can also throw a bolt and set something free.”

Recommended by - Ren, Staff member

Graphic Novel

Sheets - Brenna Thummler

Cover for 'Sheets' by Brenna Thummler

When you’re thirteen years old, dealing with school is enough of a chore without the added pressure of having to manage your family’s laundromat on top of things. Such is the case with Marjorie Glatt, who takes care of her brother and dad after her mother died. Feeling in limbo most of the time, she’s constantly having to fend off Mr. Saubertuck who wants to buy the laundromat in order to redevelop it into a spa.

Enter Wendell, the ghost of a young boy who masquerades as a sheet when he’s not causing unintended mischief. He, too, is looking for purpose and to escape his own version of limbo. Unfortunately, his idea of helping Marjorie isn’t taken well, and he seeks to make things better for the both of them. Beautiful color palettes bring added enhancement to the melancholy but sweet feel of the book. A must-read for people who are also feeling a bit lost in limbo.

Recommended by - Barbara Keresztury, Adult Librarian

Graphic Novel

The adventure zone. Here there be gerblins- Clint McElroy

Cover for 'The Adventure Zone: Here There  Be Gerblins' by Clint McElroy

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play Dungeons and Dragons with your dad and your siblings? Now imagine recording that as a podcast. Now . . . imagine turing THAT into a comic.

Sounds crazy, right? But it works. This graphic novel based re-telling of the (mostly) hilarious first chapter of the Balance arc of The Adventure Zone. This story has everything from secret plots to save the world to elevator music sung in three-part harmony, as well as villains, heroes, monsters, treasure, self-centered T.V. personalities, and more! Learn why Magnus rushes in, but Taako’s good out here. Learn more than Clint ever will about how the game works. Learn why there are NO dogs on the moon.

Whether you’re a long time fan of the podcast, or new to this whole scene, this book is worth a read, and you’ll wish it wasn’t over so soon. Don’t worry, the next volume is coming soon! Join us, won’t you?

Recommended by - Mike DiMuzio, Youth Librarian

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