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Featured - Book Clubs

3rd Wednesday of the month at 7PM (except in December) in the front meeting room

Are you looking for something new to read? Do you like trying new authors and exploring different styles of storytelling? Do you want to discuss the books you read with others? Come to our monthly book clubs! Each month our adult librarian selects books to read and discuss with the group. See you there!

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This Week

Tuesday, November 19th

Bridge Club will play in the back meeting room from 10AM - 2PM.

Sensory Storytime: This story time is designed for children ages 3-6 on the Autism spectrum, or with other special sensory needs. A visual schedule and reliable routine foster familiarity and comfort, while frequent activities with auditory, tactile, and visual stimuli will help keep kids engaged. Books will change, other activities will not. Alternate Tuesdays during storytime sessions, in the story time room, at 11AM.

Registration is required for this event, please call us or see is in the library to sign up.

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AFSCME will be meeting in the front meeting room from 4:30 - 6PM.

Southgate Digital Darkroom will be meeting in the front meeting room from 6:45 - 8:45PM.

Wednesday, November 20th

Family Storytime:For children ages 3 and up and their families. Librarian Mike will read stories, sing songs, and help kids make a simple craft. This weeks theme: Rain! 11 - 11:30AM in the story time room.

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SDC Club will meet in the back meeting room from 5:30 - 8:30PM.

Our Book Club will be meeting in the front meeting room at from 7 - 8:45PM to discuss this month's book: Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott. Whether or not you have read it, you are welcome to attend, and to pick up a copy of next month's book at the circulation desk.

Thursday, November 21st

Downriver MS Support Group will meet in the back meeting room from 5:30 - 8PM

Parklane Townhomes

will take place in the front meeting room from 6:30 - 8PM

Bedtime Stories:Librarian Mike will read some soothing stories, sing songs, and more for kids of all ages. 7-7:30PM in the story time room.

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