Checker's TV - Presented by Southgate Library

What is Checkers TV?

Fun, educational, on demand programming for kids to encourage reading and learning

The Checkers Library TV logo, which simply reads 'Checkers Library TV' in blue, red, and purple letters in front of cartoon gears

Checkers Library TV is dedicated to encouraging kids to read and learn while also providing entertaining content that families can enjoy on their own schedule. New episodes are delivered weekly, but you can watch them whenever and wherever you like using the links on this page! Unlike other "virtual programs", Checkers TV can fit any schedule.

This Fall, Checkers Library TV is focusing on STEAM topics. Stay tuned to learn all about how we understand and build our world!

Watch Checkers TV

Current Season: Reading Road Trip - Full STEAM Ahead

Every week, Checkers TV will put out a new episode, exclusively available to patrons of libraries like ours. The current episode is RRT Full Steam Ahead Episode 2: You can print a watch?

Previous episodes from this season include:

  1. RRT Full Steam Ahead Episode 1: The secret of the dinosaur egg

You can also access all of the episodes from the past season:

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