We are happy to introduce new, ONLINE ACCESS to the Southgate Veteran’s Memorial book clubs! Come join the discussion without leaving the comfort of your home! For more details, see the official flyer!

The Southgate Veterans Memorial Library holds two book clubs each month. The Science Fiction/Fantasy Book Club meets on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7pm (except in January), while the General Interest Book Club meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 2pm (except in December). Anyone is welcome to join us. Copies of the upcoming books for discussion are available at the front desk. You can print out the information on this page from this flyer.

General Interest Book Club

October 18th - A Dirty Job

by Christopher Moore

Cover of ’A Dirty Job’

Life is looking pretty good for Charlie Asher. He’s a successful business owner, with a loving wife and their first child on the way. Then daughter Sophie arrives accompanied by tragedy, and life for Charlie changes in awful and unusual ways. Being a new parent is hard enough, and being attacked by ravens doesn’t help, nor does the fact that people around him are dropping dead. Charlie, it turns out, is now a Death Merchant, tasked with saving souls from the forces of evil. What’s a grim reaper to do, with a business to run and a child to raise?

November 15th - We Have Always Lived in the Castle

by Shirley Jackson

Cover of ’We Have Always Lived In A Castle’

The Blackwoods, Merricat, Constance, and Uncle Julian, live on their family estate, where not long ago several more Blackwoods lived. One night, arsenic was mixed in the sugar bowl, and when placed on their blackberries, killed parents John and Ellen, brother Thomas, and Aunt Dorothy. Julian survived, and Merricat was sent to bed without supper, but Constance was the only one who did not have any sugar on her berries, and was unsuccessfully tried for the murders. Now the three survivors stay at home, except for when Merricat goes into town for groceries. The community hates the Blackwoods, believing Constance got away with murder. Then their cousin Charles arrives for a visit, and tensions slowly build to a boiling point.

January 17th - Eleanor and Park

by Rainbow Rowell

Cover of ’Eleanor and Park’

Eleanor lives with her mother, her sister, her three brothers, and stepfather Richie, all stuffed into a two-bedroom house. Richie is physically and emotionally abusive, a drunkard, and Eleanor spent most of the last year sleeping on the couch of a family friend after being thrown out. Park has a stable home life, not rich, but well enough off. His biggest worry is insecurity about his place in the family, that he’s a disappointment due to his slight stature and lack of interest in taekwondo. When Eleanor goes to school and ends up ostracized and bullied, Park finds himself sticking up for her. What follows is a slowly budding romance, kids from two different worlds trying to find common ground, when everything else in their lives would tear them apart.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Book Club

October 4th - Into the Storm

by Taylor Anderson

Cover of ’Into the Storm#8217;

The Uss Walker, a relic of the Great War, has been pressed into service in the Pacific theater of World War II. Forced to retreat and pursued by Japanese warships, the captain, Lieutenant Commander Matthew Patrick Reddy, attempts to throw off his foes by steering into a looming storm. When they emerge, the Japanese are gone…as is everything else they recognize. The water is filled with monstrous fish, and dinosaurs roam the land. Reddy and his crew find themselves in a different world, where humans never evolved. Other creatures have, however, and the Walker finds itself embroiled in a strange new war. Their vintage ship is now the most powerful weapon in the world. Whoever they side with will win the war…

November 1st - Coyote Blue

by Christopher Moore

Cover of ’Coyote Blue#8217;

Samuel Hunter was born Samson Hunts Alone, a Crow child in Montana. A lethal mistake involved law enforcement, and he was forced to flee the reservation when he was just 15. Now, twenty years later, he’s a successful insurance salesman, wealthy and living a lie. Then his life is disrupted by the presence of Calliope Kincaid, and as hopes of love blossom, an unwelcome guest: Coyote, the ancient trickster god. Where Coyote goes, chaos follows, and Samuel Hunter will have no choice but to confront the past, his own and that of his Crow heritage.

December 6th - Fuzzy Nation

by John Scalzi

Cover of ’Fuzzy Nation#8217;

Loner Jack Holloway labors as a prospector, hundreds of light years from Earth and the headquarters his contractor, ZoraCorp. He hits pay dirt when a cliff accidentally collapses, revealing an enormous seam of incredibly valuable jewels. Jack, let go due to his part in the accident, manages to lay claim to the jewels, and convinces ZaraCorp to help mine the jewels for a cut of the profit. The future is looking bright…until a small, fuzzy alien shows up, family in tow. These are no mere animals, but sentient beings, which means that ZoraCorp and Jack cannot legally mine the planet. ZoraCorp stands to lose a fortune, but if no one ever finds out the aliens were there, the wealth is theirs…

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