The Southgate Veterans Memorial Library holds two book clubs each month. The Science Fiction/Fantasy Book Club meets on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7pm (except in January), while the General Interest Book Club meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 2pm (except in December). Anyone is welcome to join us. Copies of the upcoming books for discussion are available at the front desk. You can print out the information on this page from this flyer.

General Interest Book Club

March 15th - My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry

by Fredrik Backman

Cover of ’My Grandmother asked me to tell you she’s sorry’

Seven year old Elsa doesn’t fit in, and her grandmother, seventy-seven and crazy, definitely doesn’t fit in either. She is Elsa’s best friend, and every night feeds her stories of the Land of Almost-Awake, and the Kingdom of Miamas. Places where no one is normal, and everyone fits in. Then her grandmother dies, leaving Elsa a stack of letters, all apologies to people she had wronged. Delivering the letters sends Elsa on her first great adventure, full of monsters, strange people, and perfectly ordinary old women. She also discovers the truth about fairytales, and the grandmother she always loved.

April 19th - Three Minutes in Poland

by Glenn Kurtz

Cover of ’Three Minutes in Poland’

Glenn Kurtz happens upon an old family film, recorded by his grandfather, David Kurtz, in 1938. On the film was David’s birthplace, the city of Nasielsk, Poland. Just a year later, the city, predominantly of Jewish occupants, was taken by Nazi forces. Out of the roughly 3,000 Jewish inhabitants, less than 100 survived the Holocaust. Deeply touched by the only known video of these lost people, Glenn embarks on a quest to learn all he can about them, eventually finding one of the few survivors, whose memories lead to even more survivors, and help recreate a place and time destroyed by war and genocide.

May 17th - Like Water for Chocolate

by Laura Esquivel

Cover of ’Like Water for Chocolate’

Tita de la Garza is 15, and in love. She wants nothing more than to marry her neighbor, Pedro. Unfortunately, the de la Garza family has a tradition: the youngest daughter cannot marry, but must care for her mother until she dies. Because of this, Tita’s mother, Mama Elena, forbids the marriage, and suggests Pedro marry an older daughter, Rosaura. To remain close to Tita, Pedro agrees. What follows is a tale of love denied, of vows betrayed, of tragedy and heartache. Through it all, only her cooking brings Tita peace. How long can love last, in the face of tradition and the slow, weary weight of passing years?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Book Club

April 5th - How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe

by Charles Yu

Cover of ’How to live safely in a science fictional universe’

Charles Yu is a time machine repairman, a dull job fitting for his vaguely unfulfilling and disappointing life. His mother has chosen to live in a one hour time loop, and his father went missing long ago. Then Charles sees himself come out of a time machine and, in accordance with the rules of paradoxes, shoots his future self. Now he knows his time is limited, and accompanied by Ed, a dog that shouldn’t exist, he sets out across time and universes, to find his father.

May 3rd Furies of Calderon

by Jim Butcher

Cover of ’Furies of Calderon’

Gaius Sextus, First Lord of Alera, is growing old, and has no heir to take his place. The High Lords are scheming to positions of power, each hoping their House can emerge on top. Far from the capital, removed from rumors of an impending war of succession, Tavi struggles with his own problems. Every Aleran can tap into the power of elementals called furies…except him. When a savage race, foes of the Alerans, comes to the valley Tavi calls home, he is swept up in events that could topple an empire. Without even the smallest amount of power to call upon, Tavi has little hope of even surviving, let alone standing against the forces that would destroy them all.

June 7th - Welcome to Night Vale

by Joseph Fink

Cover of ’Welcome to Night Vale#8217;

A small town in Southwest America, Night Vale is a town that would fit in well on an episode of the X-Files. Ghosts, mad science, and government conspiracies are just part of everyday life in this strange little city. Teenager Jackie Fierro is given a paper with “King City” written on it, by a mysterious man no one can remember anything about. Strange enough…but then she finds the paper won’t leave her hand. Diane Crayton has begun seeing the father of her son everywhere she goes, but unchanged by the years. As her son Josh changes before her eyes, looking different every day and increasingly interested in his lost father, her only hope is King City. Their lives collide as they search for who, what, or where King City is, both needing to find it before their lives unravel completely.

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