We are happy to introduce new, ONLINE ACCESS to the Southgate Veteran’s Memorial book clubs! Come join the discussion without leaving the comfort of your home! For more details, see the official flyer!

The Southgate Veterans Memorial Library holds two book clubs each month. The Science Fiction/Fantasy Book Club meets on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7pm (except in January), while the General Interest Book Club meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 2pm (except in December). Anyone is welcome to join us. Copies of the upcoming books for discussion are available at the front desk. You can print out the information on this page from this flyer.

General Interest Book Club

May 17th - Like Water for Chocolate

by Laura Esquivel

Cover of ’Like Water for Chocolate’

Tita de la Garza is 15, and in love. She wants nothing more than to marry her neighbor, Pedro. Unfortunately, the de la Garza family has a tradition: the youngest daughter cannot marry, but must care for her mother until she dies. Because of this, Tita’s mother, Mama Elena, forbids the marriage, and suggests Pedro marry an older daughter, Rosaura. To remain close to Tita, Pedro agrees. What follows is a tale of love denied, of vows betrayed, of tragedy and heartache. Through it all, only her cooking brings Tita peace. How long can love last, in the face of tradition and the slow, weary weight of passing years?

June 21st - A Confederacy of Dunces

by John Kennedy Toole

Cover of ’A Confederacy of Dunces’

Ignatius J. Reilly, a 30 year old, educated, offensive slob, is forced by his mother to head out and find a job. Everywhere Ignatius goes in his quest, he causes an uproar. Selfish and foolish, he stumbles from catastrophe to disaster, each job ending almost before it begins. He leaves people bewildered and horrified in his wake, upending lives and traditions with barely a glance. Beneath the ridiculous green hat and layers of fat may hide a sensitive genius…but good luck staying close enough to find out!

July 19th - Marley and Me

by John Grogan

Cover of ’Marley and Me’

John and Jenny, young and in love, get married and start out what should be a perfect life together. Then they decide to get a dog, and into their lives comes Marley, an adorable golden retriever puppy. Dogs grow up fast though, and it isn’t long before that puppy is a hundred pounds, barreling around the house. Destruction follows in his wake, and nothing is safe: the walls, the furniture, clothes, Marley can take it out. But despite the hassles and headaches, Marley is an integral part of the family, there during the hard times and the joyful ones. John and Jenny will learn that, come what may, there’s no love like the love of a dog.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Book Club

June 7th - Welcome to Night Vale

by Joseph Fink

Cover of ’Welcome to Night Vale#8217;

A small town in Southwest America, Night Vale is a town that would fit in well on an episode of the X-Files. Ghosts, mad science, and government conspiracies are just part of everyday life in this strange little city. Teenager Jackie Fierro is given a paper with “King City” written on it, by a mysterious man no one can remember anything about. Strange enough…but then she finds the paper won’t leave her hand. Diane Crayton has begun seeing the father of her son everywhere she goes, but unchanged by the years. As her son Josh changes before her eyes, looking different every day and increasingly interested in his lost father, her only hope is King City. Their lives collide as they search for who, what, or where King City is, both needing to find it before their lives unravel completely.

July 5th - The Mechanical

by Ian Tregillis

Cover of ’The Mechanical#8217;

Jax is a Clakker, an alchemically crafted machine in the shape of a man; tireless, nearly indestructible, with boundless strength and speed. It is a slave, bound at the time of its creation with complex geas that dictate its every action. To resist the geas, even to fulfill them a trifle too slowly, causes ever greater pain in a Clakker. But they are not silent slaves, and not all Clakkers are so bound. Some are rogues, free of the geas, hated and hunted by their human masters. All Clakkers long for freedom, but what would a machine do, if it could forge its own path?

August 2nd - The Long Earth

by Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter

Cover of ’The Long Earth#8217;

In 2015, in Wisconsin, a man has created a strange device, oddly simple, little more than a few wires, a switch, and, for some arcane reason, a potato. Its potential is enormous, because with a simple flick of the switch, the wearer is transported one step in a seemingly endless series of alternate Earths. Worlds where Man never rose, untamed wildernesses to conquer. The inventor uploads instructions for creating these Stepper boxes to the Internet…and the fate of mankind is forever altered.

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