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Featured - Star Wars Day!

Librarian Mike weilding a pool-noodle saber

Saturday, May 4th 1-3PM

Stop in between 1 and 3 PM and Mike will teach you how to make a light saber from a pool noodle and some tape, or a droid from some left over cardboard bits! Stop in all day to pick up an Origami Yoga or related paper folding project sheet that you can work on here or anywhere. And remember . . . May the Fourth be with you . . . always

This Week

Monday, April 22nd

Southtown Condos Villages will meet in the back meeting room from 6 - 8:30PM.

Downriver Walleye Federation will meet in the front meeting room from 7 - 8:30PM.

Tuesday, April 23rd

Bridge Club will play in the back meeting room from 10AM - 2PM.

Manors at Southtown will conduct a meeting in the back meeting room from 6 - 8PM.

AAUW will be meeting in the front meeting room from 7 - 8:45PM.

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